Established in 1991, our company has expertise in the field of white linen and fabric. With broad experience as a sales manager at the hotel supplying department of Peiraiki Patraiki, the founder and main shareholder of the company, Christos Koukoulis has launched a company with respect both towards the customers and the environment.

All company products are ISO certified, supplied by selected private factories throughout the world and based on Peiraiki Patraiki specifications.

Since 2002 the founder’s son Theodore Koukoulis has introduced numerous quality products satisfying the customer’s orders and demands.

With over 1100 customers all over Greece, we are hopeful and optimistic for the future. Our ambition is to improve, thanks to your contributions and suggestions. Therefore we are grateful for your support.

All company members will be available for any requests you may have.

Contact Us

Alonnisou 6, Acharnai Attikis, 13671
phone:+30 210 61 28 005/6
Fax:+30 210 61 28 006